You do a different kind of work.  You need a different kind of accountant.


More and more people are making money in the Gig Economy.  Maybe you make a little money driving your car at night, maybe you rent out a room in your house a few days a month,  maybe you write articles, or you might make your entire income through different clients.   No matter how much or how little business you do in the Gig Economy, you should make the most of it.  


Our Services

We provide accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation for freelancers, small companies and those in the Gig Economy.  We also consult on the best cloud based app integration for you.   

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What Is The Gig Economy

The concept of one person having one job for 30+ years is almost entirely gone.  In fact, more and more people have a steady job as an employee, and then do something else to make a living.  For those who are successful at it, that something else becomes the only source of income.

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Stay Up To Date

We think a lot about the Gig Economy.  Like you, it's how we make a living.  This where we will share the best of what we have found.

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Our Practice

Working in the Gig Economy means being in business for yourself.  Let's figure out where you want to take your business, and how to get there together. 


Let us be an expert at what we do, so that you can be an expert at what you do. 

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Accounting for where you are


We can help if you rent a room a few days a week, or run your own more than full time photography practice .  We can help you remotely and tailor our service for as little or as much as you need.