Some Legal Information

Some Things We Need To Get Out Of The Way...

Taxes and legal are very case specific

We recommend that you speak with a tax professional regarding your specific circumstances.  A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  Much like how searching on the internet for the symptoms I am having doesn't make me a doctor and able to treat myself, reading a few articles on the internet on taxes does not make you a tax professional.  We will give the best information that we can find, but you need to speak to a professional regarding your specific case. 

For legal issues, we recommend speaking with a lawyer.  Once again, people go through a lot of training for these professions for a simple reason - they are very complicated issues.  Reading up on the issues before hand may give you a better idea of what to ask a lawyer, and if they charge for an hour it is worth it to be informed. 

We are not affiliated with any Sharing or gig economy providers

We will mention Uber, Lyft, AirBNB, UpWork etc, however we are not affiliated with them.  We mention them because they are the companies that most people affiliate with this type of work.   We do not leave others out due to being paid any sort of compensation from the ones listed above.  If you have a favorite that we haven't mentioned, let us know.  We like to take a look at them in order to serve you better.

Give Credit where credit is due

Any article or information that we did not create, we will link to, and /or give credit to.  Please do the same.