What is the Gig Economy?

Cheer up buddy, we can help.  We know all these buzzwords can be confusing. 

Cheer up buddy, we can help.  We know all these buzzwords can be confusing. 


So, what is the gig economy?

This is a pretty common question.  The phrases "Gig Economy", "Sharing Economy", and "Freelance Economy" have been used pretty frequently in the news the last few years.   These refer to the general trend for more and more people of finding ways to make money that is not in a "traditional" employer-employee fashion.   Here are a few examples

  • Providing a service as an independent contractor.  For example - accounting, consulting, photography, design etc. 
  • Renting or using something you have to make extra money.  Giving people rides in your car, renting out a room in your house or even your entire house
  • Making something to sell online

People are taking the leap to be a part of this economy to either find something they find more fulfilling, or make some extra money.  Many times people do this while they have a more "traditional" job as well.  If all goes well, many of them make the leap to doing this full time. 

We have linked to a few articles below, and will be adding more information in our blog.

By far our favorite one describes the Gig Economy of the 1800's.  This idea of having multiple types of work to make ends meet, and to get more than just money from work is nothing new.

Read that here --> http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20170721-the-gig-economy-of-the-18th-century

We are firm believers in not reinventing the wheel, only improving it if needed.   Here are some other great articles on the topic.  These folks have done some amazing work.